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 Rules & Regulations of OTLounge

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations of OTLounge   Fri Jul 18, 2014 2:49 am

OTLounge was created to be a place where you can take a break from the excessive moderation and unoriginal threads of normal Roblox OT, which I will try to enforce against as hard as possible. However, I will try to maintain a casual environment for people to enjoy and conversations to thrive in.

To do this, theres gonna have to be a few rules to take into account before you have a 100% chance of not getting your ass booted off:

1: You cannot be FlamingDinner or any alternative accounts I believe you control, I literally have a forum dedicated to you. A goddamn prison.

2: You CANNOT be FlamingDinner.

3: Any form of postfarming/botting is a bannable offense, and will give you an immediate IP Ban.

4: Anything that I or another moderator believes to be shitposting will give you a punishment that ranges from a warning, to something far more severe.

5: Advertising is prohibited. This does not include links, but any form of blatant promotion towards something will probably get you a ban.

6: Don't try to raid. It won't work.

7: Absolutely no porn/gore/shock images of any kind. Forummotion prohibits any sort of porn to be hosted on their servers, and gore/shock images are just fucking dumb.

8: No alts.

Thanks for abiding to these rules and making OTLounge a fun place to be,

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Rules & Regulations of OTLounge
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